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Hi, a few days ago a friend asked me the following question: “I believe, and I very much trust in God, but seeing so many tragedies happen, sometimes innocent children, things that would not have to live, wonder where is God, even if truth exists a good God or angels that we take care of the bad things”. The question is very difficult to address for me because it is […]

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(To activate subtitles in Spanish) Hello my friends, I’m Manu and I am a Finder spiritual of Colombia, a Walker of the path of the wisdom shamanic. Today I want to talk about a very important issue that I have had the opportunity to discuss with close friends and it is particularly relevant for my country Colombia these days, when we are in the midst of a struggle to turn […]

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Dear friends, share these excerpts of the discussion that took place in the Plaza de Bolivar in the framework of the campamenbto for peace in Colombia. Topics were primarily peace from the indigenous vision, spiritual work and connection with the ancestors:

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The story that there was a border post through which started to happen a man with a donkey loaded with straw in a distant country. When its passage became recurrent, customs officers decided to inspect because they suspected that it was going through smuggling. Couldn’t find anything let you pass but his suspicions persist. It peasant continued crossing the border several times by week and them agents followed looking for […]

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The silence filled my eyes while celestial waves envelop my soul, In the retreat that I encounter, observe the peace of the stone that palpitates in eternity, since his inert existence While the clock is ticking to its around without touching it. From my heart arise flows of light that fills the room; They reflect the echoes of so many loves lived numerous lives. Stories seemingly unconnected of encounters and […]

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Train pair at this level, in the human species, basically forwards to a material union that is founded on having. Having partner, have a family, have goods, objects, sociability. And in almost all cultures is a compromise with the families. These unions tend to be present convenience and always speaking of the material, taking into account those things that are valued in the culture to which they belong the members […]

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I have carefully observed a growing avalanche of messages, posters and memes on the Internet, condemning the celebration of the anniversary of the “discovery” of America. “America was not discovered, it was invaded and looted one of them says” and the avalanche of “likes” received accounts for its popularity in a society that finally begins to accept his indigenous heritage without being ashamed, and to recognize that our other ancestors, […]

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In the year 1984, in the city of Parana, province of between rivers, Argentina, a group of young begin to gestate a project, is proposed join to remo, in canoes Canadian, them cities of Brasilia and Buenos Aires sailing the River Paraná from more beyond of its nascent. This expedition, which took place a year later in commemoration of the international year of youth, is called “Pacis Nuntii”, which in […]

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By: David Topi August is a particularly magical month for those who follow, by interest or tradition, some of the pagan cultures, and their calendars, which still remain on our planet. Today, day 1, for example, is celebrates the LUGHNASADH, festivity Celtic that marks the start of the time of the harvest, the maturation of them first fruits, and was traditionally a time of meeting of it community, fairs, and […]

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Jon Gabriel weighed 185 pounds. Tested all possible weight loss diets, but it failed. But everything changed the 11 of September of the 2001. Only by accident did not take the flight that was hijacked by the terorristas that erupted in Pennsylvania without any survivor. From that moment, Jon decided to do something for their health and without diets, pills or surgery managed to get 99 kilos. He wrote the book […]

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